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‘HORRIFIED’: Uber bans driver after MP calls for police investigation into disturbing online footage

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Great Manchester Police (GMP) are investigating disturbing footage of an Uber private hire vehicle (PHV) driver in Greater Manchester circulating on social media.

The video shows a young woman cowering on the backseat of the licensed Rochdale PHV with her head in her hands. The driver is seen exiting the back of the car pulling up his trousers and returning to the driver's seat before driving off.

GMP have said they are aware of the disturbing footage, which has been circulated heavily on social media, and are investigating the incident.

Labour MP for Rochdale, Tony Lloyd, said on social media: "I have been made aware of a video of an Uber driver circulating online and this must be taken very seriously. I've asked Greater Manchester Police to investigate this.

"I expect a very rapid investigation by the police as well as by Uber. This is a really worrying video and a rapid investigation is necessary.

"The protection of young people is paramount and this video needs to be investigated to give the public reassurance and to protect vulnerable young people."

Uber have released a statement saying: "We are horrified by what is depicted in the video and are taking action.

"We have banned the driver while we investigate and are working directly with the police."


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