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How many black cab taxis are there in London?

Image credit: LEVC

Finding it harder to grab a taxi? That’s because the number of black cab drivers and vehicles are declining.

In figures released by Transport for London (TfL) for the week ending Sunday 25 February 2024, an ongoing gradual decrease has been observed in the number of black cab taxis operating across the capital since 2012.

The total number of taxi driver licences now stands at 17,531. Of these, 15,736 drivers hold All London licences, granting them the ability to operate anywhere within the city, while 1,841 possess Suburban licences, restricting their operation to specific outskirts areas.

Further scrutiny reveals a parallel dip in the number of taxi vehicle licences, which now sit at 14,739.

Notably, amidst environmental concerns and the push for cleaner transportation options, 8,238 of the licensed taxis are now zero emission capable (ZEC). This move towards greener alternatives signifies the industry's response to increasing regulatory pressures and public demand for sustainable travel solutions.

Obviously not all taxis can be out there every second of the day, but studies show that between 5,000 - 6,000 taxis enter the central part of London each day.


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