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HOW MANY UBER DRIVERS IN THE UK? Ridehail giants record huge 70% increase in drivers since 2021

Uber's presence in the UK has significantly expanded, with the number of registered drivers on the platform now exceeding 100,000, marking a more than 70% increase since 2021.

The data, reflecting a robust growth trajectory, highlights Uber's increasing dominance in the ride hailing sector.

In 2019, approximately 60,000 drivers were registered with Uber, servicing over 40 towns and cities across the country. This figure has seen a substantial rise as the company continues to broaden its reach, recently extending operations to include Swansea and Stockton-on-Tees.

The surge in Uber's driver numbers corresponds with a wider trend in the transport sector. According to the latest figures from the Department for Transport (DfT), there are currently 289,400 licensed taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) in the UK, an 11% increase from the previous year. Of these, PHVs constitute 80% of the total licensed vehicles.

Furthermore, the total number of driver licences has reached 346,300, a 4.9% increase since last year. Of these licences, 67% are designated for PHVs, 11% for taxis only, and 21% allow operation of both taxis and PHVs.

Public adoption of Uber services remains high, with over a quarter of Britons (26%) reporting having used Uber for travel within the last month. This continued growth and expansion into new cities, suggests a solidifying foothold for Uber in the UK's competitive transport sector.

Andrew Brem, UK General Manager for Uber, said in September 2023: “Uber enables people across the UK to access safe, reliable and affordable transport, while providing flexible work for over 100,000 drivers on the platform. The impact of this activity meant that Uber unlocked an estimated £5 billion in economic value for the UK last year – up from £3.2 billion in 2019.

“Over a quarter of British adults travelled with Uber in the last month and since we launched in the UK Uber has provided well over a billion trips. Every one of these trips provides an important connection, whether getting people to work, supporting the local economy, connecting family, showing up for those who need extra assistance or safely filling gaps in the transport network at times of day or areas of the country where travel options are more limited. In 2022, 8.8m riders used Uber to commute to work and 13.5 million riders used Uber to visit friends of family, showing how access to shared rides connects communities.”


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