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How much has the London taxi industry invested in zero emission vehicles so far?

London's iconic black cab industry is making substantial strides towards sustainability, having invested approximately £500 million in zero-emission capable (ZEC) vehicles since January 2018.

The investment comes during a period marked by economic challenges, yet over half of the city's taxi fleet now meets emission-free standards.

As of the latest data provided by Transport for London (TfL), there are 8,434 licensed ZEC taxis operating within the capital. These primarily include the LEVC TX models, supplemented by a smaller number of fully electric Nissan Dynamo taxis. The shift towards greener transport aligns with the city’s environmental goals, anticipating that by 2032 all London taxis will be zero-emission capable.

Introduced in 2018, the LEVC TX is a notable figure in this transition. Manufactured in Coventry, this model blends traditional design with cutting-edge technology, offering features such as a spacious cabin and wheelchair accessibility. Its ability to run completely emission-free on electric power highlights a significant leap forward in urban transport solutions.

However, the shift to greener technology comes at a cost. The price of the LEVC TX 'Vista' model has risen from approximately £55,000 in 2018 to £70,219 today, even after accounting for the Plug-in Taxi Grant (PiTG). This increase reflects the broader economic pressures facing the automotive industry, particularly in the realms of advanced vehicle technology and emission reductions.

With the last diesel taxis sold in 2017 and a 15-year operational limit set, London's taxi fleet is on a path to becoming entirely zero-emission in the near future. This transformation not only highlights the industry's commitment to cleaner air and more modern vehicles for public hire, but also aligns with broader environmental policies aimed at reducing urban pollution.


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