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HQ and Gett announce new partnership extending ride hailing and taxi capabilities

Image credit: Gett

Global corporate mobility firm HQ has today announced a new partnership with black cab app Gett which will extend the capabilities of ride-hailing and taxi availability.

Through this partnership, select HQ corporate customers in the UK now have the ability to book on-demand and future rides directly through the Gett app or HQ SummitGround platform.

Starting today, Gett’s transport options, including black cabs, will appear alongside existing ground travel options on the HQ SummitGround platform. Integrating Gett and HQ embeds Gett’s services into the corporate policy compliance process of existing HQ users, making Gett a pre-approved option for travellers that is seamlessly plugged into HQ users’ billing and procurement processes.

At a time of budget cuts and rising costs, HQ’s billing technology is built from the ground up to provide customers with spend visibility and cost optimisation. Moreover, with HQ SummitGround, customers have the freedom to tailor travel policies and booking parameters based on factors like employee position and journey type, allowing for greater spend control.

Amiad Solomon, the CEO and Co-Founder of HQ, said: “Our partnership with Gett in London is an important milestone as we bring high-quality ride-hail into the mobility mix. From today, clients can select on-demand Gett rides from within the HQ SummitGround platform or mobile app, as they would with any other ground transportation service. As a result, Gett rides are integrated within HQ’s booking, billing, and payment platform, alongside our clients’ preferred suppliers. In turn, clients gain a complete picture of ground travel activity, covering everything from spend to scope-3 emissions, from one single dashboard. We’re thrilled to partner with Gett, and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Matteo De Renzi, the CEO of Gett, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with HQ, who share our commitment to providing customers with maximum options and flexibility while also promoting compliance with their travel policies. In partnership with HQ we believe we will be able to provide an unrivalled service in London for businesses when it comes to reliability, quality, and convenience, as well as greater transparency on their costs and emissions. Together with the drivers on our platform, we are looking forward to providing our services to some of the most prestigious enterprises in London and beyond.”

The two companies also share a similar vision in regard to sustainability. With this partnership, on-demand rides with Gett will appear within HQ’s sustainability reports to show key emission hotspots, employee usage, and travel behaviour. This will help ensure that ride-hail and black cabs are more accurately and comprehensively tracked alongside other travel.

As part of Gett’s offering, HQ customers can select greener ride options, like electric black cabs, at the time of the booking. As well as providing access to 3,000+ electric vehicles, Gett also offsets all CO2 emissions from every ride booked on their app/platform in the UK with certified carbon offsetting projects through their partnership with EcoAct.

The availability of electric vehicles strategically times with the expansion of London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across all London boroughs from 29 August 2023. ULEZ aims to tackle air pollution and traffic congestion, a move that is expected to bring cleaner air to 5 million more London residents. Pure electric vehicles are exempt from ULEZ charges. As part of the two companies’ shared sustainability efforts, HQ and Gett aim to support customers in reducing scope-3 emissions while offering greener, more sustainable forms of ground transportation.


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