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HUGE RISE: Northamptonshire taxi tariff ‘harmonisation’ set to push taxi fares up by 39% in Corby

Taxi drivers working in Corby are set for a substantial 39% taxi tariff rise, as multiple licensing authorities ‘harmonise’ rates in Northamptonshire.

The mammoth fares increase comes despite Corby Council receiving more than 500 objections from the industry and local residents. There are also concerns from the taxi industry that the rise is too much.

Fares across the North Northamptonshire regions were brought together in September, however delays were felt in Corby due to opposition. The tariff sets the maximum that licensed taxis can charge, however, each driver can determine if they’d like to charge less.

The new unitary council said the plan brought fees across Corby, Kettering, East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough in line with each other.

The changes in Corby mean a two-mile journey is likely to increase by nearly 39% from £4.90 to £6.80.

Conservative David Brackenbury, executive member for growth and regeneration, delivered the Executive report detailing the recommendations put forward by North Northamptonshire Council.

The reason for recommending the new tariff reads: ‘The trade previously made representation that an increase in fares is required to ensure that the increased costs of running the service are covered. Since there were no objections received for the East, Kettering or Wellingborough zone, three aligned Table of Fares have been introduced in these areas. Full alignment of fares across all four zones is considered to be important, so that all residents within North Northamptonshire will be subject to the same maximum fare, regardless of where they reside or work.’

The report shows that 515 objections were received relating to the Corby zone. Corby Hackney Owners Association have said they would consider a legal challenge against the decision.

The new tariffs will begin on 24 November.


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