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Hundreds of Veezu drivers protest large hike in commission fees amid cost of living squeeze

Approximately 500 private hire drivers from Sheffield and Rotherham congregated outside Veezu headquarters to protest against the company’s newly introduced terms that they claim will significantly cut their earnings.

The demonstrators expressed dismay over Veezu’s decision to reduce fares while simultaneously increasing the commission it deducts from each ride.

The controversy stems from Veezu’s announcement about increasing the commission rate from 20% to 35%, marking a substantial 75% hike. This change follows Veezu’s acquisition of City Taxis last year, which brought over 2,000 drivers under its wing. Drivers argue that these adjustments, made during a broader cost of living crisis, will plunge them into financial distress.

Mujahid Hussain, a driver with over a decade of experience, voiced concerns about the dire financial impact these changes would have. Hussain explained that with rising fuel prices and ongoing expenses such as insurance, the increased commission could reduce take-home pay. The driver added that to meet financial targets set by Veezu, he is compelled to work every day of the week, leaving little room for family time.

The drivers argue that while the company reduces ride costs to appeal to users, it neglects the financial well-being of its drivers. Despite their self-employed status, one driver highlighted the necessity for Veezu to provide adequate support to its workforce, suggesting that their needs are currently being overlooked.

According to ITV News, a spokesperson for Veezu said: "As self-employed drivers running their own businesses, several of the drivers have proposed commercial terms which Veezu is considering and will be discussing with them in the coming weeks.

"As self-employed individuals in business, the drivers operate across several different licensed operators in Sheffield and can decide which operator they use.

"Veezu hopes that the drivers continue to operate via our system, but we recognise this is a commercial market and that drivers will choose to drive with different and multiple operators."


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