Hyundai creates autonomous electric taxi concepts containing intriguing new digital technology

Image credit: Hyundai Mobis

Mobility firm Hyundai Mobis revealed a new autonomous taxi concept containing new technology which is said to reflect the post-COVID era.

The car giants released details of two new concept vehicles from its Research & Development headquarters in Korea on 31 March. Hyundai Mobis disclosed urban shared mobility concept cars, M.Vision X and M.Vision POP, while also demonstrating new technologies.

The mobility platform has 'put focus on the passenger experience and communication methods from the viewpoint of interconnection and consideration in a contact-free age'. Vice President Cheon Jae-Seung, Head of the Fundamental and Advanced Lab of Hyundai Mobis, said: “We worked hard to sublimate the changes in life people have had to cope with in the post-Covid 19 era with new mobility technologies.

“The new mobility platform, as presented by Hyundai Mobis, contains the spirit of technical exploration, which also enables people to share their thoughts and feel the joy of everyday life.”

Image credit: Hyundai Mobis

The M.Vision X uses all the windows as screens and a contact-free communion with passengers. M.Vision X is a purpose-built 4-seater mobility vehicle. It provides a customised experience based on what Hyundai Mobis say is a unique interpretation of interior space. As the windows of the vehicle can be transformed into a display with a special theme (Virtual Space Wall), it is possible to use all 360º transparent windows of the vehicle as a screen for watching sports games or performances. Personalised control of the displays in M.Vision X is also possible. Several screens are installed in the windows of the vehicle. Some passengers may use the display as a transparent window and enjoy the outside scenery, while others may use it as a screen to watch a movie. It is also possible to change the indoor seats according to their purpose so that they can be used both ways. The core solution of M.Vision X is the vertical cockpit in the centre of the interior, which looks like a square pillar. On each of the four sides of the integrated centre cockpit is a 28-inch display. This integrated centre cockpit communicates with passengers in a contact-free fashion using the gesture recognition functions. As a result, passengers can control all driving-related functions, e.g. the autonomous driving mode, AI speakers and infotainment.

There is also a sterilisation function that uses UV lighting to automatically sterilise the vehicle once the passengers get out of the car. This new technology is also a feature of M.Vision X.

For the second vehicle revealed, the M.Vision POP, the small mobility concept is based on electric vehicles, developed under the theme of ‘TECH JOY.’ The focus was placed on giving users pleasure through a convergence of the latest technologies of Hyundai Mobis. The core solution of M.Vision POP is ‘PHOBILITY’. It is a compound word of Phone and Mobility. It means mobility enjoyed on a smartphone. It is a new mobility technology that introduces the concept of smartphone and steering wheel docking to control the vehicle with the smartphone. The smartphone in the steering wheel becomes the cockpit of the automobile itself. The smartphone navigation screen interfaces with the front display of the vehicle, and the user recognition or voice recognition function can be used as well. It is also possible to use smartphone sensors for wireless steering of the automobile. As M.Vision POP has the e-Corner module, each the four wheels of the vehicle can be rotated up to 180º. As a result, crab driving, i.e. the vehicle moving from side to side like a crab, or even 360º rotation, is possible. If this technology is used, parallel parking will become easier, too. The e-Corner module is a next-generation technology that integrates the driving, braking, steering, suspension system in each wheel of the vehicle.