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‘I checked the tyre last month’: Greater Manchester Police prohibits Wolverhampton PHV for slick tyre

Image credit: WV Protect

In a recent operation, Wolverhampton Council's Compliance Officers, in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police, took to the streets to check on the safety and legality of private hire vehicles (PHV) operating outside of its operating area.

The night patrol resulted in the suspension of a minicab due to the use of a heavily worn illegal tyre.

The joint task force's intervention also led to a vehicle being prohibited from use by the police, highlighting the seriousness of the offence. The driver's defence, claiming the tyre was checked the previous month, did nothing to mitigate the situation.

The council's spokesperson issued a stark reminder to all drivers on the importance of performing vehicle checks before every shift.

A City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Compliance Officers patrolled around Greater Manchester last night with Greater Manchester Police.

“One vehicle suspended for an illegal tyre, also vehicle prohibited by Police.

“Driver - ‘I checked tyre last month’ ... Really!? Check your vehicle before every shift!”


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