‘I’ll support taxi drivers and reopen Tottenham Court Road to everyone’ says Mayoral candidate Farah

Image credit: votefarah.london

An independent London Mayoral candidate has pledged to ‘support hard-working cab drivers and reopen Tottenham Court Road to everyone’.

Farah London, an entrepreneur with over 22 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, has announced her plans for the iconic black taxi industry should she take control of the capital following the 2021 Mayor of London elections.

The candidate also announced a pledge to create a single transport policy for all local authorities to follow.

Farah said: “The restrictions on our iconic black cabs are only the latest example of the Mayor’s disregard for the hard-working people of our city. Sadiq Khan enjoys boasting that he has given away power to the London boroughs. While this has proven to be a great way for the Mayor to avoid taking responsibility for difficult decisions, it has only succeeded in bringing chaos to our streets. London has 32 boroughs and 32 failed transport policies; I believe it is time we had one that that works.

“Thanks to the Mayor’s disinterest, our boroughs have been left to create policy with almost no oversight. Roads have been closed, bollards installed, and badly designed cycle lanes built with little to no planning or consultation done with local residents. This has been disastrous for our people. You only have to look at Ealing, where paramedics were recently forced to wait twenty minutes to reach a critically ill patient because their ambulance was blocked by newly installed ‘cycle-friendly’ bollards.

“Despite this chaos, the Mayor has decided to turn his focus to attacking our iconic black cabs. The Mayor frequently claims that London is open, that is unless you are a cab driver. I believe it is unacceptable to dictate to our hard-working cabbies where they can and cannot go in their own city. The prime example of the Mayor’s disregard comes from the decision to ban cabs, cars, and lorries from using Tottenham Court Road. It is vital that we keep our city moving and this important road should not be off limits to anyone.

Image credit: votefarah.london

“As Mayor, I will step in and end this chaos. I pledge to create a transport policy that works, support our hard-working cab drivers, and reopen Tottenham Court Road to everyone.”