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"I thought the faster I went the less chance I would catch coronavirus" says 130mph motorist

Officers working for Surrey Roads Policing Unit (RPU) have reported a man for speeding at 130mph on the M25.

With roads quieter than normal due to the COVID-19 lockdown, some motorists have reportedly taken the opportunity to break the speed limit excessively.

When caught in the act, some drivers attempt to avoid prosecution by way of making up an excuse for their actions.

According to Surrey RPU, this one driver told them he was speeding at 130mph because he thought the faster he went the less chance he would catch coronavirus.

Using social media to highlight the offence, Roads Policing Unit @SurreyRoadCops, wrote: "An officer stopped a driver who was speeding on the #M25 at 130mph. His reply to why he was speeding was 'I THOUGHT THE FASTER I WENT THE LESS CHANCE I WOULD CATCH CORONAVIRUS'. Driver reported to court. #slowdown."

Earlier this week on Tuesday 7 April, TaxiPoint reported on a similar speeding offence when a motorist caught speeding at 110mph on the M1 north, used the excuse that he chose to travel from Nottingham to London and then back again because the bread in the capital was £1 cheaper.

Both drivers were reported for speeding and await prosecution.

Image credit: Pixabay


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