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iCabbi partners with Nordic's largest taxi company Cabonline

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

iCabbi will soon expand its operations into Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark after winning its bid to provide taxi booking and dispatch technology solutions to the largest taxi company in the Nordics, Cabonline.

While already servicing 20% of the Finnish market, the Cabonline partnership will allow iCabbi to enter three new Nordic territories, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Cabonline has 4,600 vehicles across the Nordic region, delivering approximately 16 million trips per year.

iCabbi are a Mobilize Company powering over 100,000 taxis around the world and hit a major milestone in surpassing one billion bookings on its platform in November. Growth is forecast for 2023 with a number of significant R&D projects and new markets set to launch. This will see iCabbi expand its product innovation team by 50 people over the next 18 months. A recruitment drive is already underway.

Gavan Walsh, CEO and founder of iCabbi, said: “iCabbi is delighted to be chosen as the technology partner of choice by the largest taxi operator in the Nordics, Cabonline. We’re both ambitious companies, looking to push the boundaries of efficiency, innovation and scale for taxi and mobility services. I’m looking forward to delivering Cabonline’s digital transformation on the iCabbi platform and I’m confident the partnership will be mutually beneficial.”

Dag Kibsgaard-Petersen, President and CEO of Cabonline Group, said: “By entering a partnership with iCabbi, Cabonline benefits from a market-leading solution, accelerating our growth journey and taking a big leap towards becoming Europe's leading and most sustainable mobility company,”


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