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ILLEGAL TYRE: Private hire vehicle suspended and driver reported by Liverpool City Council

Image credit: LCC Licensing (Twitter)

Officers from Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing suspended a private hire vehicle (PHV) and reported the driver for driving on an illegally worn tyre.

The suspension comes after a day of checks on Liverpool’s taxi and and PHVs across the city.

LCC Licensing shared an image of the illegal tyre found this morning on Hood Street.

Officers said via social media: “A PHV vehicle was inspected by officers and found to have an illegal tyre. Vehicle was suspended and the driver will be reported for the offence.”

Council Enforcement Officers also carried out a number checks on the city’s black cab vehicles at numerous supermarket taxi ranks in Liverpool.

LCC Licensing said: “Licensing Enforcement Officers have been carrying out Taxi inspections today at supermarket Taxi Ranks around the city. The Officers observed a high level of vehicle and driver compliance.”


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