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Image captures long queues of passengers and no taxis as concerns mount over rank accessibility

Taxi light image credit: LEVC

Taxi drivers have captured the extent of fresh concerns at Euston Station’s new taxi rank, revealing significant queues of passengers but a lack of taxis this week.

The image highlights issued raised by the taxi industry as they try to access the rank from the west.

Cabbies have expressed ongoing frustration over entry restrictions to the new rank. One cabbie posted a photo of a long queue of people waiting for taxis, saying: "The rank at Euston this morning, as taxi drivers struggle to enter it from the west. Cannot turn left into either Eversholt Street or Churchway. Horrendous organisation!"

A spokesperson from the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) underscored ongoing access issues, particularly from the western approach. Despite proactive warnings during the planning phase, it seems these warnings were overlooked. The representative stressed that while entry from other directions is unaffected, the west side faces challenges due to strict traffic rules and previous non-taxi related incidents.

The newly inaugurated taxi rank is located at the entrance of the bus station, adjacent to Euston Road and Eversholt Street, and positioned on the east side of Euston Square Gardens directly across from the station. Meanwhile, the Assisted Travel Lounge remains operational at Euston Square Gardens West, offering continued support and guidance for those requiring mobility assistance.

In tandem with the operational changes at the rank, the previous site is undergoing a transformation into a temporary public garden. This new space will feature an array of plants, seating areas, and a pedestrian pathway leading towards the station, remaining in place until it is requisitioned for the forthcoming HS2 terminus construction.


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