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IN CUSTODY: Drink-driving Porsche driver SMASHES into taxi

Image credit: GMP Traffic

Police arrested a suspected drink-driver after smashing a Porsche into a taxi while attempting to flee police.

Greater Manchester Police Traffic shared images of a red sports car moments before crashing into a taxi on Didsbury Road. In a further image police showed the serious damage to its front end after colliding with the cab.

The driver of the smashed up Porsche attempted to run off, but officers were able to stop him quickly.

The man failed a breath test and is in custody for dangerous driving / failing to stop and drink driving

GMP Traffic said: "The driver of this Porsche collided with a taxi on Didsbury Road whilst trying to escape.

"The driver ran off but didn't get far. He has failed a breath test and is en-route to custody for Dangerous Driving / Failing to stop and Drink Driving. No serious injuries.


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