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Increasing demand for low mileage LEVC TXE taxis sparks market buzz

The pre-owned market for early TXE taxis is witnessing a strong surge in activity, with low mileage models in high demand and being quickly snapped up at premium prices.

As the market gains momentum, an expert TAXI newspaper columnist advises current taxi owners to consider exploring their options and capitalise on the favorable conditions.

The columnist encourages taxi owners with well-maintained, low mileage cabs to obtain price quotes from various dealerships if they are considering upgrading their vehicles. Additionally, they recommend investing time in getting their taxis expertly cleaned and driving them around town to attract potential buyers. Despite initial offers received from dealerships, the columnist suggests patiently waiting for follow-up calls, as better deals might surface.

To maximise potential profits, the columnist suggests taking a proactive approach. Owners should consider placing a noticeable sign in the back window of their cab pricing the vehicle at around 10% higher than the best offer received. This strategy aims to attract potential buyers willing to pay for a well-maintained, low mileage TXE taxi, but cutting out the dealership middleman in the process.

The high demand for these pre-owned TXE taxis demonstrates its position as a valuable asset in the second-hand taxi market. The reputation of the TXE, and the high cost of brand new TXE’s, has undoubtedly contributed to its desirability among taxi fleet operators and individual drivers alike.


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