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INFLATION AND COSTS: South Gloucestershire taxi fares set to rise ten percent in April

Updated: Jan 8

Taxi fares are set to rise again in South Gloucestershire, this time by 10%.

High inflation and rising costs has prompted the latest rise in the region. Taxi drivers were handed a 8.57% increase in April 2022, but costs since then have continued to rise.

Councillors are set to discuss the latest taxi tariff proposals next week and decide whether to accept the advice presented to them. If given the green light to proceed, the tariff would then go out to a public consultation.

In the report presented to the council’s Regulatory Committee it says: “Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Operators provide a valuable public transport services in the district, particularly in rural areas and at times when other modes of public transport are not available. In order for this service to remain viable it is important to give realistic and timely increases in fares.”

South Gloucestershire Council taxi fares are in the top quartile across the country. The tariff currently sits as the 80th most expensive. In 2011 the region sat in 8th place out of 325 authorities for daytime fare price in England.

A daytime ‘2 mile fare’ on the current tariff in South Gloucestershire costs £7.08. Applying the proposed increase to the table of tariffs and fares will see this rise to £7.65.

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