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INFLATION AND TAXI COSTS: West Oxfordshire District taxi fares set to rise near 20%

Image credit: LEVC

West Oxfordshire District Councillors will decide on Wednesday 21 September whether to give the green light to a near 20% taxi fares increase to help cabbies meet rising costs.

The current maximum fares in West Oxfordshire District were set in 2016. The licensed taxi trade have now requested that these fares are revised to reflect the increase in fuel costs and the general cost of living since the last review.

Since the last fare increase the cost of living, inflation and fuel prices have all increased rapidly since the turn of the year. As a result, 105 licensed Hackney Carriage vehicles in the district are now struggling to meet the running costs to provide the service required in the area.

If approved by the Council Cabinet licensed taxi drivers working in towns including Witney, Woodstock, Chipping Norton and Burford should all see a rise in the tariffs they can charge.

Daytime tariffs would rise from £2.40 to £5 but would now cover the whole of the first mile. The current cost of the first mile sits at £4.20.

A two-mile journey would increase to £7.20 from £6.20 and a 10-mile fare would jump from £22.20 to £26.40 representing nearly a 20% rise.

Waiting time would also rise significantly from 20p per 30 seconds to 30p.

The night-time tariff will remain at 50% more, but will now start 30 minutes earlier at 10.30pm rather than 11pm.

Soiling charge is set to increase from £60 to £100.


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