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Innovative new taxi service launches to help summon cabs to new Northamptonshire market location

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Image credit: West Northamptonshire Council

A West Northamptonshire Council initiative, in partnership with Bounds Taxis, aims to provide easy access to the Commercial Street market for those who may otherwise face challenges in reaching its temporary location.

With just the push of a button, visitors can call for a taxi free of charge to pick them up at the bus station, and a return journey is equally convenient with another simple button press at the market.

As part of its commitment to supporting the market during its temporary relocation, the council is funding this initiative as it recognises the importance of ensuring accessibility for all visitors.

The new taxi service offers a seamless transport solution, eliminating barriers and enabling people to conveniently enjoy the wonderful produce on offer at Commercial Street market.

Cllr Dan Lister, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Town Centre Regeneration and Growth, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Bounds Taxis to provide this service, enhancing accessibility to the market.

“By simply pushing a button, visitors can effortlessly summon a taxi to transport them between the North Gate Bus Station and the market.

“This initiative reflects our dedication to supporting the market and ensuring that everyone can easily experience the vibrant atmosphere and unique offerings it provides.”

The taxi service launched on Tuesday 18 July and will operate from 7am to 4pm daily.

Cllr Lister added: “The Market Square renovation project is an ambitious undertaking that will revitalise the heart of Northampton.

“We are committed to creating an attractive, functional space that will serve as a thriving marketplace and a focal point for community activities.

“While this work progresses, our collaboration with Bounds Taxis will ensure that the Commercial Street market remains easily accessible to all.”


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