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INSURANCE CLAIMS: LTDA urges use of independent assessors for taxi damage claims

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) have urged taxi drivers to use independent assessors when it comes to assessing insurance damage claims.

In a TAXI Newspaper column, LTDA Executive Anthony Street raised concerns regarding the treatment of taxi drivers by some insurance companies after accidents. Street emphasised the importance of ensuring fair treatment for drivers who encounter unfortunate accidents on the streets of London.

Recent incidents experienced by members of the LTDA have seen a handful of insurance firms attempt to avoid compensating drivers for accident claims or declaring their taxis as write-offs based on “questionable repair decisions”. Street also mentioned the additional issues that arise when the damaged vehicles are transported to vehicle compounds for insurance assessment, resulting in secondary damage.

To address these concerns, Street advised LTDA members to seek assistance from the LTDA if they are uncertain about the insurance claims process or need advice. The Association would then aim to equip drivers with the necessary knowledge to navigate insurance matters effectively. When confronted with delays or non-compliance from insurers, the LTDA will ensure drivers receive fair treatment and offer connections to industry experts if needed.

Street added that certain insurance companies have been employing tactics such as directing drivers to specific repair facilities with which they have partnerships, potentially compromising independent decision-making. Additionally, outdated vehicle valuation methods are being used by some insurers to justify low pay-outs for accident claims, leaving drivers financially burdened.

Street said: “You are in the driving seat when working, so why not take control of your accident claim too? My advice is to get yourself some independent advice and support. When dealing with insurance companies, you need to exercise caution and be as proactive as possible, don’t just accept what they tell you and assume everything will work out.

“At the LTDA, we’ve been working with Fleetwood Independent Insurance Assessors to help members, who find themselves in these situations. Fleetwood have already assisted hundreds of taxi drivers, making the whole process as stress free as possible.”


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