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INSURANCE TREND: Electric taxi drivers looking at policy quality over policy cost

Taxi drivers shifting to cleaner electric taxis are focusing much more on the quality of insurance cover, rather than the cost, says a leading industry expert.

The insight came as Rob Leyland joined Patons Insurance to become their new National Taxi Sales Manager in February of this year.

Having worked in the business of insuring taxis since 1999, Leyland spoke about the ongoing move to zero emissions capable technology throughout the UK.

Leyland said: “The biggest difference will be the switch to EVs, which is happening more quickly in some areas compared to others, but we are all aware of the 2030 deadline. It will happen, but it might take a bit longer in niche industries such as taxi insurance.

“Taxis and private hire vehicles are investments and aren’t changed in the same way or as often that people change their own cars today. This is why they are well looked after and drivers are careful to make sure their private hire insurance or public hire insurance will cover them and protect their business in the event of a claim.

“We are finding that drivers are going for quality, rather than the cheapest policy, although cost obviously comes into it. They want the best taxi insurance they can afford and this is why I want to make sure quality is key to everything we do. We are transparent with everything and the aim is to make the customer happy.

“There are obviously things that are beyond our control, such as delays with parts for repairs, but we stay on top of claims and make sure the customer knows what is going on.”


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