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Is there such a thing as driving too slowly? Yes there is, but it’s rare

Is there such a thing as travelling too slowly while driving? Yes there is, but it’s rarely found on UK roads.

A Glasgow minicab driver came under-fire from the city’s licensing committee after being fined and handed penalty points for driving significantly below the speed limit along the M8 motorway.

Minimum speed limits are rarely found in the UK, but are located on roads where going too slowly can cause increased congestion or high risk of a crash, such as in tunnels.

The limits are marked by a circular blue sign displaying the minimum speed limit.

The end of a minimum speed limit road is relayed using the same sign, but with a red diagonal line through it.

In this recent case in Scotland there was however no such sign. There isn’t an official minimum speed limit on most motorways but travelling too slowly can be considered dangerous by police forces.

According to Glasgow Live, the private hire driver told police that he was driving slowly because he was changing lanes, preparing to exit at the next junction.

Facing Glasgow's licensing committee, the man faced allegations of constantly looking down while he was driving, which is why the police pulled him over.

The council decided to allow the man to keep his private hire driver's licence but issued him with a warning for his behaviour.

The offence reported by the police did however produce a £480 fine and seven penalty points added to minicab driver's licence.


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