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JANUARY 2024 TUBE STRIKES: When are they and how will they affect service levels?

Passengers relying on the London Underground are set to experience significant disruptions this month due to rolling strike action by its workers.

The decision comes after members of the RMT union voted overwhelmingly, by over 90 percent, against what they deem a below-inflation pay offer.

In a stark rebuke of London Underground's latest pay proposal, which includes a 5% increase, the RMT union has expressed its dissatisfaction, particularly in light of the recent financial decisions by Transport for London (TfL).

The union highlighted TfL's creation of a £13 million bonus pot for senior managers, along with an 11 percent pay rise for the commissioner in 2023.

The strike action, announced by RMT, will see different groups of workers walking out on various days throughout the month:

  • 5-6 January – Engineering train drivers will start action

  • 7-8 January – RMT members in LUL’s network control functions take action

  • 8 January – Full RMT London Underground staff strike.

  • 9 January – Members in the tubes signalling and service control functions take action

  • 10 January – Full RMT London Underground staff strike.

  • 11 January - Members in the tubes signalling and service control functions take action

  • 12 January – Signallers and Service Controller members will strike.

During the full staff strikes on 8 and 10 January, the public should anticipate either no services or severely reduced services across the London Underground network.

The RMT union is calling for the restoration of full staff travel facilities for all tube workers. They have also criticised the decision to freeze pay bands, warning that this move risks creating a two-tier workforce.

This latest series of strikes signals a deepening rift between London Underground management and its workforce, with significant implications for the millions of commuters who rely on the service daily. The union's actions aim to highlight their grievances and push for what they believe to be fairer compensation and work conditions.

RMT General Secretary, Mick Lynch, said: "The refusal of TfL to restore staff travel facilities and create a two-tier workforce is also unacceptable.

"Our members have made it clear that they are prepared to take action and we urge TfL to improve their offer to avert disruption in the capital."


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