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Joint Edinburgh operation clamps down on taxi and private hire vehicles and ‘driver appearance’

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Image credit: Road Policing Scotland

The National Motorcycle Unit of Road Policing Scotland, in collaboration with the City of Edinburgh Council Licensing, conducted a thorough operation at Market Street. The initiative focused on taxis and private hire vehicles, scrutinising both vehicle conditions and driver appearances.

According to a spokesperson for Road Policing Scotland, the operation led to the discovery and handling of numerous offences. These offences predominantly related to the state of the vehicles and the appearance of the drivers, highlighting a concerning trend of non-compliance within the taxi and private hire sector in Edinburgh.

The joint operation, situated at a central and busy hub of the city, underscores the commitment of local authorities to uphold high standards in public transport. Ensuring that vehicles are in optimal condition and drivers present themselves professionally is crucial for passenger safety and the industry's reputation.

All taxi and private hire vehicle operators in the city must adhere to strict regulations set by the authorities. These checks aim to reassure the public that measures are being taken to maintain the safety and quality of transport services in Edinburgh.

A Road Policing Scotland spokesperson said: “The Nation Motorcycle Unit carried out a joint operation with City of Edinburgh Council Licensing at Market Street, earlier carrying out compliance checks on taxis and private hire vehicles.

“Numerous offences dealt with relating to vehicle condition and driver appearance.”


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