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Joint operation leads to multiple PHV seizures and suspensions in West Yorkshire

Image credit: WYP Roads Policing Unit (X)

In a joint task force led by West Yorkshire Police's Steerside Enforcement Team, alongside Bradford Council Private Hire Licensing and West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit, vehicle checks were conducted, revealing a concerning number of issues among private hire vehicles (PHVs).

During the operation, a total of 37 private hire vehicles were subjected to rigorous testing to assess their roadworthiness and safety standards.

Alarmingly, nearly half of the vehicles inspected were found to have critical defects, resulting in the immediate suspension of 17 permits. These vehicles are now prohibited from carrying passengers until the identified issues are thoroughly addressed and resolved. Additionally, one vehicle was seized on the spot due to a lack of insurance coverage.

The operation also brought to light several traffic offences committed by drivers. A total of 17 drivers were reported for a range of problems, including the failure to wear seatbelts, absence of a valid MOT certificate, the use of handheld mobile phones while driving, and instances of driving without due care and attention.

A West Yorkshire Police Steerside Enforcement Team spokesperson added: “Further operations are being planned for the future. We will continue to act, working with our partners, to keep the roads safe for all of us.“


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