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Joint operation leads to prosecution of SIX PHV drivers in Nottingham for illegally plying-for-hire

Nottingham City Council Licensing announced the results of a joint operation targeting illegal plying-for-hire (IPFH) activities.

The operation, conducted in collaboration with Community Protection's Taxi Enforcement, Nottinghamshire Police, and the City of Wolverhampton Licensing, led to the apprehension of six private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers.

Carried out on Friday, the operation was a strategic effort to address the growing concerns around unbooked PHV pickups in Nottingham. The six drivers were caught in the act of picking up passengers without a prior booking, a practice that violates the regulations governing private hire vehicles.

The act of plying for hire without a booking not only breaches licensing conditions, but also poses significant safety risks to passengers, as unbooked journeys are not covered by insurance and lack the accountability of a recorded booking.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “On Friday, Nottingham City Council Licensing ran a joint illegal plying-for-hire (IPFH) operation with Community Protections Taxi enforcement, Nottinghamshire Police and City of Wolverhampton Licensing.

“Six Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers caught picking up without a booking and prosecutions will follow.”


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