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Joint taxi and PHV operation uncovers ‘various faults’ in Liverpool

Image credit: LCC Licensing

In a joint operation carried out by the Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing Enforcement Officers, the Environmental Enforcement Team, and Merseyside Police, several licensed vehicles were found to have defects resulting in the issuance of defect notices.

The operation, which took place on Wednesday, aimed to ensure the safety and compliance of licensed vehicles operating within Liverpool. Teams of enforcement officers conducted thorough inspections, meticulously examining each vehicle for any potential faults or malfunctions.

Specific details regarding the number of vehicles affected or the specific nature of the faults were not immediately disclosed.

A Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing spokesperson said: “Licensing Enforcement Officers conducted a joint operation with colleagues from the Environmental Enforcement Team and Merseyside Police this morning.

“A number of licenced vehicles were issued with defect notices for various faults discovered during the inspections.”


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