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July 2024 TaxiPoint Magazine: Insight into what customers expect from the UK taxi industry

TaxiPoint, the leading news source for the UK taxi industry, has just released its latest magazine edition for July 2024. This marks the 63rd issue of the free magazine, which has garnered well over 5 million reads.

The latest edition of TaxiPoint delves into several pressing topics affecting the industry. One key article examines the expectations of taxi passengers and whether the industry is meeting these standards. This piece provides a thorough analysis of what passengers look for in their journeys, offering insights into areas where the industry can improve to enhance customer satisfaction.

Another feature on the same topic includes a trade view from FREENOW, offering valuable insights into what passengers seek from their rides.

The ongoing tensions between cyclists and taxi drivers are also explored, along with news that 80% of insurers are suspending vital GAP insurance, TaxiPoint addresses how dashcams could help mitigate the resulting insurance gap.

A Q&A session with Renee Rogers introduces a new app designed to streamline accident reporting within the industry.

The edition also discusses how drivers can leverage the existing UK taxi and private hire infrastructure to support the transition to autonomous vehicle taxis. This forward-looking article highlights the opportunities and challenges of integrating autonomous vehicles into the current system.

The magazine reports on the reinstatement of Bank Junction access for black cab drivers and includes a roundup of more news from around the UK, ensuring readers are fully informed on the latest developments and trends in the industry.


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