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JUST BOOK IT: New low-commission taxi booking app ready to go in Edinburgh

A new Hackney Carriage taxi booking app service called JustBookIt has launched to drivers in Edinburgh.

The new platform allows drivers to take work whenever it suits them, and only pay a small commission of 10% when they do so. The low commission model is aimed at drivers and owner drivers who might only work two to four shifts each week. It is thought that the commission-based platform will suit them over a monthly circuit fee.

The ‘pay-as-you-work’ platform has little in the way of rules and stipulations. Drivers will not be asked to stop taking other work and suspensions placed on drivers will not be occurred.

The business has been set up by Kevin Woodburn and Stephen Rose, who have been in the pre-booked hire market in Edinburgh for over 50 years collectively. Both have also owned hackney carriage licences in Edinburgh.

Woodburn said: “Edinburgh has two main hackney co- operatives and we felt that taxi drivers might be interested in a pay-as-you-work option as opposed to paying a regular monthly flat fee. It means that when the streets are busy with customers these drivers are paying a fee but not actually working the system.”

Woodburn added: “The early feedback and comments have been mostly positive, although some of the traditionalists are a bit more negative, but change can usually take a bit of time, especially in our industry, but we are in no rush and will build this no matter how long it takes.

“We are doing this to give taxi drivers in Edinburgh another option, plain and simple. We both have many friends and relatives who are already involved in the Taxi trade in the area and have felt a ‘pay-as-you-work’ option can only be a good thing for drivers.

“We will launch to the General Public soon and again it’s just another option for customers to try.

“Edinburgh is a great and very vibrant city with an all year-round tourist market also, and that makes it a very attractive alternative to the traditional offering that’s currently available.”


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