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Juvenile arrested for criminal damage as police share images of rocks thrown at taxis and buses

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Image credit: West Yorkshire Police

A juvenile was arrested for criminal damage as police share shocking images of rocks thrown at taxis and buses.

Last night, West Yorkshire Police responded to reports of several incidents of vandalism involving the throwing of stones and bricks at vehicles along Broadstone Way and Kesteven Road. The acts of vandalism were said to have targeted police vehicles, taxis, and buses.

According to a spokesperson from the West Yorkshire Police, officers were deployed to the area immediately upon receiving the reports. They successfully interrupted a group of juveniles in the Broadstone Way vicinity. One juvenile was apprehended and subsequently arrested for two counts of criminal damage to motor vehicles.

The arrested juvenile has since been interviewed and will be dealt with by the youth offending team, part of the re-education process aimed at preventing further offenses of this nature.

In an effort to highlight the gravity of the situation, an image of the recovered stones used in the attacks has been circulated.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Last night officers were deployed in the area when reports came in of youths causing damage to Police vehicles, Taxis and Buses by throwing stones/bricks around BROADSTONE WAY and KESTEVEN ROAD.

“Officers disrupted a group of juveniles in the BROADSTONE WAY area and a juvenile was arrested for 2 x criminal damage to motor vehicle offences. The juvenile has been interviewed and will be dealt with by our youth offending team as part of the re-education we provide to offenders around these type of offences.

“I have added an image of the stones we have recovered during these damage attacks. This type of behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. There is a real risk that someone whether that be a Taxi Driver, Bus Driver, passenger or Police Officer could get seriously injured if this behaviour doesn't stop.“


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