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Karhoo Joins Royal Dutch Taxi Group KNV

Image credit: Pixabay

Karhoo has announced that it is joining the Dutch association for Mobility, Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer (KNV).

As a member of KNV Taxi, one of KNV’s mobility branches, Karhoo will bring its global perspective to the Netherlands-based industry body.

Joining more than 70% of all taxi and private hire (PH) companies in the Netherlands, Karhoo will play a key role in driving positive change for the sector. KNV Taxi is currently focusing on different ways to incorporate digital developments in taxi operations. KNV is closely involved in processes of Dutch policymaking and as such is giving substance to new mobility concepts such as MaaS and autonomous driving.

The tech firm will use its position in the group to champion existing operators in the taxi and PH space, ultimately bringing about a fairer and more prosperous mobility market, an issue on which Karhoo has been vocal.

As a member, Karhoo, which sources clients for over 1.8 million vehicles from 3,000 fleets connected on its global platform, will contribute to KNV’s work by attending annual events, conferences and committee meetings.

Karhoo Co-CEO Nicolas Andine

Karhoo Co-CEO Nicolas Andine said: “Our industry has seen widespread disruption in recent years, leaving many small operators on the backfoot.

“At Karhoo, we want to empower the players who have serviced the market for decades, not neglect them or push them away.

“That’s why we’re so excited to join KNV, an organisation leading the charge in driving positive change for our industry. Through cross-industry and public sector collaboration, we can make the market work for everyone.”

KNV CEO Hubert Andela: “We are very proud to welcome Karhoo as an associate member of KNV. Karhoo is the embodiment of KNV’s ambition of creating the mobility platforms of the future.

“Mobility as a Service will be a significant source of sustainability, accessibility, and efficiency for companies, travelers and governments. Joining forces with innovators like Karhoo enables us to create the best possible conditions for mobility operators, which will ultimately translate into enhanced services for all mobility users.

“By only working with certified and regulated companies, and thus demanding high quality service, Karhoo creates exciting opportunities for the taxi industry.”


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