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Karhoo partners with Spain’s Renfe to enable taxi booking directly from dōcō platform

Karhoo, a Mobilize company connecting taxi and private hire fleets throughout the world, has partnered with Renfe, leader in rail transport and point of reference in the mobility sector in Spain, and is thus part of the first contributors to Renfe's new platform for mobility services: dōcō.

By using dōcō, travellers will be able to plan, book and pay for various modes of transportation including trains, cabs, scooters, and electric motorcycles, all in one application. The partnership with Karhoo gives dōcō users access to more than 22,000 taxis and PHVs in over 50 cities in Spain.

Karhoo allows hospitality and travel industry professionals, as well as businesses, to offer taxi and private hire vehicle services to their guests and customers through their online and mobile apps and under their own branding. Karhoo’s mobility distribution platform features powerful technology enabling users to be connected to thousands of vehicles from taxis and private hire fleets throughout the world

In the travel industry, Karhoo is already trusted by major rail transport operators, such as SNCF, Trainline and Whoosh.

Fedra Ribeiro, CEO of Mobilize, said: “Adding complementary mobility solutions to the services our travel partners -such as Renfe- already offer, allows them to build positively on their customers’ experience and to improve their customers' satisfaction. We are very proud of this partnership between Karhoo and Renfe, which we are convinced will help to encourage multimodal mobility through reliable and simple solutions for travellers."

Manel Villalante, General Director of Development and Strategy of Renfe, said: “Partnering with Karhoo to deliver combined mobility solutions will help us build the next generation of mobility connectivity solutions in Spain. We believe that this partnership will unlock gradually the full potential of a mobility transformation and place our clients on the right path by providing them with a seamless mobility experience.”


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