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Kent vs Essex: Which county has more TfL London licensed taxi drivers living there?

A widespread belief among London cabbies and their passengers is that Essex and Kent are the top home counties for taxi drivers. But which county really has the edge?

Transport for London (TfL) has shed light on this question with a detailed report on where London licensed taxi drivers reside. As of June 2023, the data offers a clear picture of taxi driver distribution across these two counties.

Essex leads over Kent with 1,829 licensed taxi drivers. The high number of drivers residing in Essex highlights the county's significant role in supporting London's taxi services and why many vehicle maintenance services are offered on the east side of London.

Kent, on the other hand, hosts a more than healthy 1,487 licensed taxi drivers. This remains a substantial number, but falls short of the Essex total. The concentration of drivers in Kent still demonstrates the county's importance as a base for many of London’s cabbies.

Understanding where drivers live can have practical implications for local councils and infrastructure planning. For instance, areas with higher concentrations of drivers might require more support services like electric vehicle charging facilities and taxi specific dealerships.


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