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KNIGHT OF THE ROAD: Video of London taxi driver helping ‘struggling’ man home for free goes viral

Image credit: @tom_the_cabbie

Footage of a kind hearted taxi driver who offered a struggling Londoner a free ride home has led to the driver being praised for his actions online.

The act of kindness took place in a freezing west London and was captured on video, having been viewed over 30,000 times on social media. The free ride was offered to a man seen struggling to walk up a steep hill in Kensington and comes despite the financial worries of cab drivers during the pandemic.

The video shows the cabbie, Tom, heading northbound up Kensington Church Street before he spotted the man and pulled over.

The cabbie can be heard saying out of his window: “Sir do you need a lift? I can do it for free if you want?”

The journey headed north, lasting roughly 10 minutes to the Westbourne Park area.

Speaking to TaxiPoint, Tom said: “I noticed the gent struggling as I went towards Kensington Church Street. It was bitterly cold and I noticed he had no socks on.

“It was an instinct to ask if he needs any help.”

Tom went on to add: “We had a chat during the journey and spoke about his life and other topics. I dropped him near Westbourne Park and helped him to his door.

“He just said thank you man I couldn't do it without you. That was heartbreaking to see how he struggled to walk.”

Responding to the video, there has been high praise from fellow cab drivers and members of the public for Tom’s actions.

One cabbie said: “Well done Sir a true act of human kindness and compassion showing that the London Taxi Driver is truly indeed a different class of person, ready to help and assist struggling members of the public free of charge whenever the need arises.”

Another cab driver added: “It’s what we do.”

Another response said: “I have a Taxicard and cannot get around London without black cabs. No-one thought about the elderly, mothers with prams and disabled people when they carved the streets up for cyclists, who still use the pavements anyway.”


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