Labour MP “shocked” by the Government & Uber’s betrayal of workers following Supreme Court ruling

Image credit: TaxiPoint/Louise Haigh remixed

Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley, Louise Haigh, has said she is “shocked” at both the Government and Uber‘s betrayal of workers following the Supreme Court’s ruling that determined Uber drivers should be entitled to employee rights.

Last month, the Supreme Court confirmed that drivers who brought proceedings against the ride-sharing app, are in fact workers rather than self-employed ‘contractors’ as the firm had insisted.

In a letter to the Secretary of State, Louise Haigh said: “I am writing to express my dismay at Uber’s refusal to implement the Supreme Court judgement and respect the very basic worker rights of all Uber drivers.

”I am equally dismayed at the Government’s lack of resolve to enforce the law.

”To see both the Government and Uber betray workers in this way is shocking. It sends completely the wrong signal; that big platform companies can get away with exploiting workers and that the Government will look the other way.

”To ensure that workers’ rights are upheld, the Government must urgently enforce the law and guarantee that Uber abides by the Supreme Court judgment.”

TaxiPoint reported this week that the app drivers' union, ADCU, has called for enforcement to take place immediately in the capital by Transport for London and the Mayor of London, and stressed that this should not just cover Uber, but should also include all app based private hire firms such as FREE NOW, Ola and Bolt.

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