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Labour would ban taxi and PHV cross border hiring should they win next election, confirms Andy Burnham

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, revealed a Labour pledge to ban 'out of area' private hire vehicle (PHV) working, a practice where drivers register in one area but operate in another.

The policy was confirmed during a BBC Radio Manchester phone-in, with support from Louise Haigh, shadow transport minister. The move aims to address issues like the 'Wolverhampton Problem' affecting Greater Manchester, where many private hire vehicles are registered elsewhere.

Labour plans to introduce minimum licensing standards to prevent cross-border hiring abuse, ensuring passenger safety and fair operation within local regions. This policy is part of broader transportation and environmental reforms proposed for a cleaner, safer taxi service.

The issue with cross-border hire involves mainly private hire vehicle drivers registering in one local authority but working in another area. This practice can lead to regulatory challenges, as drivers might exploit more lenient licensing standards in certain regions while operating in areas with stricter rules.

This can create unfair competition for local drivers and complicate enforcement of safety and operational standards, potentially impacting passenger safety and local traffic management.

Burnham said on BBC Radio Manchester: “Out of area working, the ‘Wolverhampton Problem’. I was in Westminster yesterday, discussing HS2 with the government, but I was also with the shadow transport secretary. 

“I got a firm commitment from the shadow transport secretary that out of area working will be stopped under a Labour government.”


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