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Lack of available black cab taxis in the City of London a ‘TOTAL DISGRACE’ says councillor

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Image credit: James Thomson (@JMDT999)

A City of London Councillor expressed his frustration over the lack of available Black Cabs in the City of London, referring to the situation as a ‘total disgrace’.

James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman and Chair of City of London Police Authority Board, made the comments after he waited 45 minutes at midnight without spotting a single Black Cab to hail.

Thomson has been leading the Cabs Across Bank (CAB) campaign, which aims to allow licensed Hackney Carriages unrestricted access to Bank Junction and other currently restricted streets in the City of London. The campaign also seeks to lift similar restrictions in other areas across the capital, emphasizing the crucial role that Black Cabs play in London's public transport system.

The CAB campaign highlights the importance of accessibility, safety, tourism, hospitality, and business support as key reasons for lifting the restrictions. Granting Black Cabs full access would enhance inclusivity by providing better transportation options for individuals with mobility challenges. Furthermore, it would contribute to the safety of women and vulnerable users who rely on the reliability and trustworthiness of Black Cabs, especially during late hours.

The campaign also emphasises the significance of Black Cabs in the tourism and hospitality sector. As iconic symbols of London, they are relied upon by tourists visiting the city. Moreover, their presence in the City of London and Central London plays a significant role in attracting businesses to establish offices in the area.

Councillor Thomson said via social media: “Availability of Black Cabs in the ⁦City of London⁩ is a total disgrace.

“Waited 45 mins at midnight. Not a single Black Cab to hail. And not even U*** or taxi app.”

Thomson added: “A threat to women’s safety, a problem for mobility challenged, hurting business.

“We must change things to get Black Cabs back…”


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