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Lancashire Roads Police intercept suspicious car working as an illegal taxi

Image credit: Lancashire Roads Police

Lancashire Roads Police intercepted a BMW on the M6 near Preston and reported the driver under suspicion of operating as an unlicensed taxi.

The vehicle, flagged by the vigilant Roads Police Unit (RPU), was stopped by Sergeant H24 in a routine but crucial operation.

The driver, in a attempt to evade the law, provided false details. However, this deceit was swiftly uncovered thanks to the biometric devices employed by the police. These high-tech tools revealed the true identity of the individual.

Further investigation led to more alarming discoveries. The driver, now identified, was found to be operating without a valid licence, a fundamental requirement for any driver working as a taxi or private hire vehicle driver. As a result, the vehicle was uninsured, compounding the severity of the offences.

The BMW was seized on the spot, ensuring it would no longer be a part of the illegal taxi operation. The driver was reported.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by unlicensed taxi operations. Not only do they flout the law, but they also pose significant risks to public safety.

A Lancashire Roads Police spokesperson, said: “BMW stopped by Roads Police Unit (RPU) Sgt H24 on the M6 at Preston as suspected to be operating as an illegal taxi.

“Driver gave false details, but couldn't out smart biometrics device revealing his identity. Driver had no licence and was not insured. Vehicle seized and driver reported.”


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