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Latest data reveals there were 484 casualties in accidents involving e-scooters in a single year

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Image credit : Pixabay

Latest figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) reveal that there were 484 casualties in accidents involving e-scooters, and of these, 384 were e-scooter users.

Of the 484 casualties, 1 person was killed. These figures are for the year 2020 only. Data from 2021 is yet to be released.

Out of the 384 e-scooter users who were involved in accidents, 105 were seriously injured and 278 were "slightly" injured.

The data also revealed that there were more male e-scooter user casualties than female e-scooter casualties.

The age category that has seen the most casualties was between 10 and 29.

Figures also showed that the Metropolitan Police reported 60% of Great Britain accidents involving e-scooters, which compares to 21% of all accidents reported by the force.

Despite these figures being released, it has been stressed by the Department for Transport that non-fatal casualties for e-scooter users are amongst the most likely to be under-reported in road casualty data since they have no obligation to inform the police of collisions.


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