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LEVC comes to Oberhausen: TX drives for the Revierflitzer

Since 14 June, the on-demand service called "Revierflitzer" from STOAG Stadtwerke Oberhausen GmbH has been running on electric as STOAG, the local public transport company in Oberhausen, has put five TXs into operation.

Jörg Hofmann, CEO of London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), said: "It's great to see Oberhausen using the TX for its new on-demand mobility service. The iconic 'London Taxi' has been transformed into a purpose-built electric model that offers passengers high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly transport services. Thanks to these benefits, we see a growing demand for the TX in cities across Europe."

One of the many advantages, especially during COVID-19 times, is the purpose built standard glass partition between the driver and spacious passenger compartment ensuring a safe and separated environment.

The distance rules are also maintained by the fact that only three of the six available seats in the passenger compartment can be booked. As well as offering a quiet, comfortable and passenger area, STOAG was equally convinced by the TX’s unique small turning circle and its eCity technology, which combines a completely emission-free, purely electric range of 103 kilometers with the flexibility of an electrically operated total range of 485 kilometers.

Denis Osmann, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of STOAG, is convinced of the TX: "The London taxis are legendary, the driving experience is something special. That's why I think the people of Oberhausen are curious and will gladly use the new service."

The vehicle is intended to supplement the existing bus and tram network in Oberhausen in the evening and night hours when public transport is less frequent. Initially, the TXs will operate in Oberhausen's north between 21h and 2h on weekdays, up to 6h on Saturdays and up to 9h on Sundays.

Image credit: LEVC


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