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LEVC TX becomes second most licensed London taxi model of all time behind FX4 black cab

Updated: May 27

The LEVC TX has become the second most licensed London taxi model behind the FX4 black cab.

The landscape of London taxis continues to undergo a significant transformation as the LEVC TX looks to bridge the move from diesel to zero emissions capable.

According to an industry expert featured in TAXI Newspaper, London's taxi fleet remains relatively stable with a total of just over 14,800 licensed cabs. In April alone, the addition of 67 new TX models on London’s roads has boosted the total number of TX cabs to 8,300. Although this figure significantly trails the historic FX4, which boasts over 75,000 units produced from 1958 to 1997, the TX is already outstripping the numbers achieved by its predecessor, the TX4.

The LEVC TX, developed by the London Electric Vehicle Company, has presented the industry with a new era in taxi technology. As a successor to the TX4, the TX model showcases notable advancements in both design and functionality. Unlike the FX4, which was often compared to driving a tractor due to its rudimentary features and lack of comfort, the TX introduces modern amenities that enhance both driver and passenger experiences.

The traditional FX4, with its distinctive design, became an integral part of London’s streetscape for decades. Despite its iconic status, the vehicle was notorious for its lack of early technological upgrades. The fleet expert said in TAXI Newspaper: “Anyone who ever owned or drove the FX4, will testify how tractor-like they were. It was over 25 years into the production run before comforts such as servo brakes or power steering were introduced. They were suffered more than liked and any comparison between an FX4 and a TXE is limited to the fact they both have four wheels!”

In stark contrast, the LEVC TX is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and built with an emphasis on comfort and environmental considerations. It features an electric hybrid system that not only reduces emissions but also cuts down on fuel consumption, aligning with broader environmental goals and regulations in urban centres.

The steady rise in the adoption of the LEVC TX highlights a gradual but definitive transformation within the London taxi industry. As older models become consigned to the history books, the future of city transport appears to be steering towards vehicles like the TX that offer a blend of tradition and modernity.


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