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LEVC TX taxi sales dip in August, but optimism remains high for September figures

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

According to the latest insights by the 'Cab you Drive' columnist in TAXI Newspaper, August proved to be an unusual month for LEVC TX sales in the London taxi market. For the first time in a while, sales were down compared to the preceding year, with only 61 cabs joining the ranks as opposed to 82 in the same period last year.

The columnist explains that August typically experiences lower sales figures due to the anticipation among drivers for the new licence plates issued in March and September. However, it remains uncertain whether September sales will surpass the all-time record of 243 cabs sold last year.

One of the consequences of the slower sales month is the shrinking of the fleet, as the number of cabs being decommissioned exceeded the number being newly licensed for the first time. As a result, the fleet contracted by 28 vehicles, bringing the current count to 15,162 cabs. Nonetheless, industry insiders anticipate a positive turnaround in September, with expectations that the fleet will surpass the 15,200 mark for the first time since the onset of the pandemic.

The ‘Cab you Drive’ columnist in TAXI Newspaper said: “August was the first month for a long time where sales (for the LEVC TX) were actually down on the preceding year. Only 61 cabs joined the ranks this August, as opposed to 82 last August.

“August is always either the quietest month of the year or a close second to February, because so many drivers wait for the new plates in March and September, although it's doubtful if this September's sales will beat the all-time record of 243 cabs, set last year.

“The knock-on effect of a poor sales month, is that the number of cabs coming off, exceeded the number being licensed for the first time, so the fleet shrunk by 28 to 15,162 cabs. Everyone expects it to go back over 15,200 in September, for the first time since the pandemic.”


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