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LEVC TX taxi drivers primarily relying on electric power, TfL survey reveals

Image credit: LEVC

A recent Transport for London (TfL) Freedom of Information (FOI) request has shed light on the driving preferences of LEVC TX taxi owners. The results of the Taxi and Private Hire (TPH) Licensee Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted in November 2022 indicate that drivers predominantly opt for pure electric mode, with over two-thirds of survey respondents stating they use it more than 60 percent of the time.

The survey, which gathered insights from 248 LEVC TXe drivers, offers valuable data on the utilisation of the petrol range extender mode as well. The findings reveal that a significant majority of respondents, more than 50 percent, use the petrol range extender mode 40 percent of the time or less.

LEVC TX taxis, also known as London Electric Vehicle Company's electrified black cabs, are equipped with a petrol range extender engine that provides extended mileage should the battery be depleted. However, the survey results encouragingly suggest that the majority of LEVC TX owners appear to favour the vehicle's electric mode as their primary driving preference.

These survey results indicate a positive trend in the adoption of electric transport within the taxi industry, aligning with the wider efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the city.

Transport for London (TfL) continues to demand the transition to electric vehicles in the taxi and private hire sector. To further improve the percentage of miles travelled zero-emissions, more charging infrastructure is required, plus lower charge point costs.


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