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LEVC unveils new high-end L380 electric multi-purpose vehicle set for UK market within the next two years

Image credit: LEVC

LEVC, traditionally known for their premium black taxis, has introduced the L380, a new Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) featuring a luxury interior inspired by first-class air travel.

The announcement marks a pivotal shift for LEVC, as it expands into a broader e-mobility market with its first fully electric model.

During a design showcase in Yishang Town, Hangzhou, the company disclosed its innovative use of the Space Oriented Architecture (SOA) pure EV platform. This technology is billed as crucial for the L380, offering expansive interiors tailored for both family and corporate use.

The vehicle accommodates up to eight passengers, with versatile seating arrangements including first-class style chairs covered in semi-aniline leather, complemented by high-end Alcantara fabrics and decorative elements like bright chromes and crystals.

The interior boasts an organic, floating dashboard and a sizeable 2.18 square meter panoramic glass roof, which fills the cabin with natural light. This feature includes an intelligent dimming system to provide privacy when required. Additionally, the cabin’s lighting incorporates a unique meteor shower effect, showcasing London landmarks such as Tower Bridge and Big Ben, highlighting the fusion of international design influences.

Externally, the L380 showcases a sleek design inspired by aircraft aerodynamics, featuring a floating roof and wheels reminiscent of the London Eye.

The design is completed with a bold color palette including Pearl White, Ink Jade Black, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green.

The project has been spearheaded by Brett Boydell, the Global Chief Design Officer at LEVC, and his international team at the Ansty Design & Innovation Centre. This team draws on extensive experience from various prestigious automotive brands to pioneer the future designs of SOA-based LEVC vehicles.

The introduction of the L380 is a continuation of LEVC's century-long legacy of addressing societal mobility needs with innovative, purpose-built solutions. This new model not only signifies LEVC's entrance into a new market segment but also aims to set new standards for luxury and spatial design in electric vehicles. The L380 is set to launch first in China, with plans to introduce the model to the UK market within the next two years.

Brett Boydell, LEVC Global Chief Design Officer, said: “Our exceptionally talented team is committed to developing innovations in automotive design across the themes of luxury and space optimisation. The L380 MPV, the first of a new wave of pure electric LEVC products based on our SOA platform, truly breaks new ground, inspired by sectors such as luxury air travel and our international cultures, brought together by space-efficient and highly flexible cutting-edge technology, creating a high-level and luxurious atmosphere.”

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC, commented: “As we accelerate our transition from manufacturing the world’s most advanced and iconic taxi to becoming a leading e-mobility technology company, I am delighted to reach another important milestone, revealing more details on our new L380, which sets new standards in the luxury MPV sector. 

Image credit: LEVC

“As with all our products, L380 takes inspiration from the company’s rich history, combined with the vast resources and technical innovation of the Geely Holding Group. It is full of exquisite details and delightful touches, combining space-efficient design with premium quality, raising the bar for multi-purpose vehicles.

“The innovative SOA technology on which L380 sits spearheads our exciting new strategy that will see the business take a global approach, growing our footprint across the world. We aim to have a presence in over 40 countries in the coming years, with multiple new models based on the SOA platform leading the way.”


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