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Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association issues ‘URGENT’ call for cabbies to STOP entering Sopwith Way

In a recent announcement made via social media, a spokesperson for the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) has issued a critical warning to all taxi drivers.

The advisory, marked as 'urgent', instructs drivers to refrain from entering Sopwith Way for the time being due to the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

The LTDA, which represents the interests of licensed taxi drivers, has advised that until further notice, all taxi operations including pick-ups and drop-offs should avoid Sopwith Way.

The Association suggests that drivers should instead drop off any fares on Queenstown Road. Additionally, for app-based jobs, the LTDA recommends arranging alternative meeting points.

The reason for this sudden directive and the specifics regarding the risk of receiving a PCN in Sopwith Way were not immediately detailed in the announcement. However, the LTDA has assured its members and the taxi community that it will provide updates and notify when the situation changes.

This announcement is particularly significant for taxi drivers who frequently operate in and around the Battersea area.

An LTDA spokesperson, said via social media: "URGENT. Until further notice do not enter Sopwith Way for any reason. You will receive a PCN for doing so.

“Drop off any fares on Queenstown Road any arrange to meet any app job elsewhere.

“We will advise when things change.”


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