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LIFTS NOT WORKING: A taxi will be found for disabled users with no reasonable alternative says Mayor

The Mayor of London has said Transport for London (TfL) will cover the costs of a taxi for disabled users of the transport network when lift access fails.

TfL will first look to help users find a reasonable alternative route to their destination, but if one can’t be found, a taxi will be called.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, revealed the costs recorded for taxi provision for customers due to step free access issues caused by mechanical failure of lifts amounted to £954.44 in 2020/21 covering 20 journeys. In 2021/2022 the number of journeys increased to 75, but the costs were reduced to £597.78.

So far this year up to 1 August, 20 journeys have been completed at a cost of £786.00.

London Assembly Member (AM) Caroline Pidgeon asked the Mayor to state the expenditure by TfL in providing alternative transport to disabled passengers facing unplanned closures of lifts due to mechanical faults and were there is an absence of alternative fully accessible forms of transport provided by TfL.

Sadiq Khan said: “If a customer arrives at a station and the lift is unavailable, Transport for London (TfL) will help the customer plan an alternative journey to their destination. If there isn't a reasonable alternative route, TfL will book the customer a taxi (at its own cost) to take them to their destination or another step-free station from where they can continue their journey.”


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