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Liverpool City Council issues warning to taxi and PHV drivers using city centre bus gate

Image credit: LCC Licensing

Liverpool City Council's Licensing authority has received reports from Merseytravel and Merseyside Police about licensed vehicles ignoring local bus gate regulations.

The vehicles have been using the restricted bus and bike-only lane on Hanover Street, which is designated to facilitate smooth transit to the L1 bus station and John Lewis.

The official route for accessing and exiting these locations is restricted to Price Street only. The misuse of the bus and bike lanes by licensed drivers may disrupt traffic flow and also pose a risk to cyclists and buses that use the lanes under the assumption they are safe and free from unauthorised vehicles.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson: “Liverpool Licensing Authority have been contacted by Merseytravel and Merseyside Police in relation to licensed vehicles ignoring the traffic signs and using the bus and bike only lane on Hanover Street leading to L1 bus station and John Lewis - access/egress is via Price Street only.”


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