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Liverpool’s Delta Taxis sending applicants to WOLVERHAMPTON due to delays in Sefton licensing

One of Liverpool’s major private-hire operators Delta Taxis has been forced to send new applicants to WOLVERHAMPTON to be licensed due to licensing delays of up to two years locally.

The Sefton based Delta Taxis revealed an email response from the Sefton Council Licensing Team and accused the council of “making job seekers wait over two years”.

In a social media post, a Delta Taxis spokesperson said: “For Merseyside passengers wondering why they’ve been struggling to get taxis since lockdown ended and for drivers wondering why Delta has been directing new applicants to Wolverhampton instead of its home authority of Sefton…

“Sefton Council making job seekers wait over 2 years.”

The operator also shared a screenshot of the email received by an unknown recipient dated Monday 5 September 2022. The short response from a Sefton Council Taxi Licensing Officer simply read “we currently have a two-year waiting list for new application”.

However, according to Liverpool Echo, a Sefton Council official told the news outlet there were no such delays. A council spokesperson said: “We can confirm that there is not a two year wait on new applications. However, owing to the demand on our service and the restrictions that were necessary during the pandemic, we have a number of applications that date back to from September 2020.”

The council also added that they are working through the backlog of applications received over the last two years and that a meeting with trade officials has been arranged to discuss future plans.


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