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Liverpool taxi driver suspended 7 days following concerns over their behaviour

Updated: Mar 15

A Liverpool taxi driver has been suspended for 7 days following concerns over their behaviour.

The Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licensing Sub-Committee met on 22 February 2024, to discuss cases affecting the livelihoods of taxi drivers and the safety of the public in a meeting chaired by Councillor Christine Banks.

As part of the licensing authority’s enforcement to maintain standards, one driver faced a 7-day suspension of their Hackney Carriage Driver Licence following complaints about their behaviour.

In another case, an application for the renewal of a Private Hire Driver Licence was refused, highlighting the vetting process and the high expectations set for service providers.

Further deliberations resulted in a decision not to take action beyond issuing a warning letter to another driver, following a complaint about their conduct.

In a final case it involved the consideration of a Hackney Carriage driver's licence in the driver's absence, after failing to attend the hearing for the fourth time. The committee resolved to revoke the licence immediately, citing public safety concerns. This action serves as a stern reminder of the responsibilities that come with the privilege of holding a taxi driver's licence.


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