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Local cab firm introduces new policy to prioritise any person feeling in danger with CODE PHRASE

Image credit : Pixabay

A local cab firm has taken to social media to inform members of the public of a new policy, which the firm is calling the "Sarah Everard Policy", which will allow any person to make an emergency call to their office if they feel they are in danger.

The cab firm has said that the caller will then be treated as priority, and they will do their best to get a driver to them as soon as possible.

All The Twos Taxis, which operates in Weston Super Mare, wrote on their official Facebook page: "Sarah Everard policy!

"With taxi's being busier than ever, alot of people have taken to walking home late at night. When news broke of the tragic circumstances of Sarahs death.

"This policy allows any person who feels they may be in danger to ring or message 01934 222222 to ask for help, priority will be given and we will do my best to ensure we get to you asap, if you're unable to explain, please ask "any chance of being picked up before daylight" as code when booking.

"If you are walking home because you simply can't afford a taxi, please still get in touch, getting you home safe is our number one priority and payments can be arranged at a later date.

"This policy is in place to ensure that what happened to Sarah doesn't happen to any of you, and is absolutely not to be abused to simply skip the queue, this will result in a straight lifetime ban."


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